The Grand Forks County Historical Society has completed a number of facility projects in the last few years.  These projects have been funded by a number of sources, however, special recognition needs to be given to:

1.   The Myra Foundation.  

The Myra Foundation has consistently provided funds to support the GFCHS. (Myra Museum).  Without their support the improvements listed below could not have happened. 

2.  Grand Forks County Commission  

We would like to acknowledge the support given by the Grand Forks County Commission.  Their support of our organization is instrumental to our continued success.

3.  Individual Donors

Individual donors have financially contributed to all of our projects.  In particular, we would like to recognize an anonymous donor who has provided substantial contributions towards the completion of our projects.  Without those donations, these projects would not have been possible.

Completed Projects:

1.  Installation of an elevator connecting the basement to the main floor in the Myra Museum.

2.  Construction of the Myra Auto Livery 

3.  Extensive repairs and preservation of our Post Office

4.  Repair of the soffit and fascia of the Myra Museum

5.  Construction of a back step of the Campbell House

6.  Upgrading of fire alarm and security alarm systems

2022 Projects

1.  Repair of the front entryway to the Myra Museum

2.  Replacement of the concrete sidewalk at the Myra Museum

3. Painting of the Gazebo

4.  Completion of phase 2 of the Post Office repair project