Carriage House

Carriage House

The Myra Carriage House was added to the grounds in 1986 and displays examples of historic modes of transportation, including:

  • 1880s Surrey

This type of carriage could be considered the “Cadillac” of buggies, and would have been used by the well-to-do. It’s on loan from the State Historical Society.

  • “Trap” Buggy

This smaller, black and red “trap” buggy was donated by the Tom Campbell family. The story goes that it was a birthday present from Tom Jr. to his wife Bess in about 1915 or so. They hitched up a horse and took it for a ride, then parked it in a shed and never used it again.

  • “Cutter” Sleigh

This red and black sleigh is on loan from Herb Helgeson. Known as a “cutter,” it has been occasionally borrowed back by the Helgesons, so their grandkids can go on sleigh rides.

  • Grain Wagon

This originally belonged to the Lebacken family from Reynolds, North Dakota, but now belongs to Jerry Groenewold.

  • 1920s Sled

The cute little sled is a one-of-a-kind artifact. It was donated by the Foley family, who were from East Grand Forks, Minnesota. It was custom-built at a body shop in downtown Grand Forks, made to look like the body of a Ford Model A.