Previous Events

Previous Events

• Sunday, April 28th at 2p.m.- Entertaining History: “Understanding Family Heirlooms,” by Ell-Piret Multer. Watch Now

• Sunday, March 17th at 2p.m.- Entertaining History: Jacob Bourboun: “The First ND Volunteers in the Philippine American War.”

• Sunday, Dec. 10th – Entertaining History: Leah Byzewski:  “A History of Christmas and Holiday Traditions” Watch Now

• Sunday, Nov. 12th- Entertaining History: James Mochoruk – “The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919” Watch Now

• Sunday, Oct 15th- Entertaining History: Gordon Iseminger – “The City Pesthouse and Municipal Abattoir: Safeguarding Public Health in Grand Forks”

• Sunday, April 30th- Entertaining History: Jim Mochoruk: “James J. Hill and the Failure of the Canadian Strategy” Watch Now

• March 26th – Entertaining History: Nelson Rosit:  “Arthur G. Sorlie the Bridge Builder” Watch Now

• January 22nd – Entertaining History: Jacob Bourboun “Shut out of our Trade and in a State of War: U.S. Army and the Fur Trade on the Upper Missouri.” Watch Now

• Sunday, December 11th Entertaining History: Leah Byzewski “Tom Campbell: The Henry Ford of Agriculture” Watch Now

• November 20th- Entertaining History: Dr. Gordon Iseminger “When Turkeys at the All-American Turkey Show in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Took Over the Air (waves).” Watch Now

• October 16th – Grand Forks County Historical Society Guest PresentationDoug Ellison “Theodore Roosevelt in Dakota:  Fact, Fiction, Fallacy” Watch Now

• April 3rd – Entertaining History – Jacob Bourbon “This Wicked Age: Atlantic Piracy in the Golden Age” Watch Now

• March 20th – Entertaining History – Leah Byzewski “Frank & Nancy Viets- Pioneers of the Red River Valley” Watch now

• February 20th – Entertaining History: Dr. James Mochoruk “The Children’s Home of Winnipeg and Changes in the ‘Relations of Rescue'” Watch now

• January 16th – Entertaining History: Dr. Gordon Iseminger “The Grand Forks County Poor Farm.”   Watch now

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