Campbell House (2 of 3)

Campbell House (2 of 3)

In addition, Campbell traveled the world as an advisor to educate other agriculturalists with his methods of wheat production and marketing. He was one of the first Americans to meet Joseph Stalin on his first trip to the Soviet Union in 1929. He became involved in ranching in New Mexico in the 1930s and purchased 448,000 acres near Albuquerque.

Campbell was also a patriotic American, serving in the military during both WWI and WWII as an engineer. In 1946 he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General in the U.S. Army Air Corps.

Tom Jr. died at the age of eighty-four in Pasadena in 1966. He and Bess Campbell had three daughters. The oldest, Elizabeth (or “Libby”), took over the management of the Campbell Farming Corporation for her father. Tom Jr. returned to Grand Forks many times over the years to visit friends, and had mentioned that he would like to donate his old family home to a historical organization and dedicate it to pioneer women.

In 1970, the Campbell Foundation transferred ownership of the Campbell House to the Grand Forks County Historical Society. Carleton Nelson, president of the newly formed Grand Forks County Historical Society (GFCHS), had contacted Elizabeth about obtaining the Campbell House on Belmont Road. They worked out an agreement for the donation of the Campbell property to GFCHS, along with funds to aid with restoration costs. With professional and volunteer labor, the house was transformed from a dilapidated abandoned building back to its former appearance as it was in 1900. Many furnishings were donated for the house by Grand Forks residents, along with some from the Campbell family. It is dedicated in memory of Almira Campbell and all pioneer women, and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house opened first opened for tours in 1971.

The Cabin
The cabin portion of the house is the oldest, and its furnishings reflect the settlement period of the 1870s. Some significant items include:

  • Butter churn
  • Bread-making tools
  • Baby high chair with unique glass bottle
  • 1870s loom
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